Wedding Films

Couples who understand the importance and value of investment tend to choose high-quality and long lasting product.

Cinematic Wedding Package

This is the best video package any bride and groom could ask for. Your beautiful wedding day is captured in the exclusive high-quality true 4K cinema camera that reflects true-to-life rich colours, details and, most importantly – the beauty of your dream wedding day.

This exclusive package helps high-end couples make their wedding film stand out and look like an actual movie, which runs up to 30 minutes long, including the voice-over from the speeches and ceremony, dances, and surrounding ambient sounds for a more incredible experience.

Enjoy a more significant visual experience and a faster delivery time, a 3-4 minute highlight video and a free add-on of a 1-minute wedding teaser five days after your wedding day.

Cinematic Wedding Film is an investment in to your future.

The Cinematic Wedding Film package not only features the best image quality but also offers a complete set of products that spoil you and last long in the future.

Below you can find 3 different types of videos you can choose from. Get creative and build your own package with a main video and add extra add-ons, such as highlight video, upgrade to 4K resolution, purchase RAW footage of your wedding or order the same day edit.

Below, you will find a description of each product.