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Blossom Collection

Blossom signifies new beginnings, growth, and the flourishing beauty of your wedding day. This package captures the essence of your love story in full bloom, offering a comprehensive suite that includes the main 30-minute wedding film, highlight video, teaser video, and fast turnaround.

Like a flower opening to reveal its beauty, the Blossom Collection ensures that every precious moment of your special day is captured and delivered quickly so you can relive and share your joy.

  • 30-minute wedding film
  • 3-4 minutes wedding highlight reel
  • 1-minute teaser five days after the wedding
  • 4K resolution
  • Rich Cinema quality style
  • Private online video access

collection 2

Aurora Collection

Aurora reflects a sense of natural beauty, grace, and the unfolding of something spectacular, much like the cherished moments captured in the 30-minute wedding film and 2 to 4-minute highlight video. It conveys the idea of illuminating and preserving the radiant memories of your special day.

collection 3

Harmony Collection

Harmony represents a seamless and balanced union, much like the documentary-style wedding video. It captures the authentic, candid moments of your wedding day in a natural and unobtrusive way, reflecting the true essence of your celebration. Peace and unity resonate with the genuine and heartfelt moments documented in a 60-minute document-style wedding video.

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